Model : KS-TLHP1W-48W
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Product detailed structure and appearance

Product technical parameters

Power:48w                                                     Input voltage:AC100-240V

PF:>0.95                                                         Efficiency:>90%

Ra:>75                                                            Luminous Flux:4800-5280lm

LED light source:high-power LED 1W     LED chip:cree/epistar

LED quantity:48pcs                                        Color Temperature:2700-10000K

IP grade:IP65                                                 Lifespan:>25000h

Beam angle:30-120°                                    Material:Aluminum alloy+pc

Product technical specifications

The LED tunnel light so designated according to the illumination surface is higher than the ambient lighting. Also known as a spotlight. Typically, it can be aimed in any direction, and has from climatic conditions affecting the structure. Mainly used for a large area of ​​the operating field mine, the outline of buildings, stadiums, flyovers, monuments, parks and flower beds. Therefore, almost all outdoor use can be seen as a large area lighting Spotlights.

luminous intensity distribution curve

Packing Dimensions

● Product size:298*255*278mm
● Carton size:390*357*285mm
● Quantity/Carton:1pcs

Request for Transportation and Storage

The Paper carton package, doesn’t permit the fierce mechanical shock and the insolation rain drenches
in the transportation process. Don’t invert, takes strict precautions against falls throws, tumbling, heavy
Please store the products in shadow , dry and clean area, the storage temperature should be -20℃~

Security Caution

Before the installment, must guarantee that the tunnel light is intact. Then install it.
1  Not force on the product or fall or toss the product.
2 Before installment the product should be stored in the shadow, dry and clean area. Don’t put it in the
water or fire.
3 The abandonment product should not discard at will, should place the assigned location, unification



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